• 1878

    Hermann Hering (43 years old) arrives in Blumenau and buys a land and a house in Wurststrasse, current Rua XV de Novembro. He installs there his residence and trade, occupying himself at the same time with the manufacture and sale of cigars.
  • 1879

    The older children of Hermann, Paul (18 years old) and Elise (14 years old) arrive. Hermann buys a circular loom and a box of threads from the city of Joinville. It takes time to learn about the mechanism of the machine.
  • 1880

    Hermann brings the whole family to Blumenau. The wife Minna (41 years old) with children Johanna (13 years old), Nanny (10 years old), Margarete (7 years old), Max (5 years old) and Gertrud (1 year old) arrive. Hermann's brother, Bruno, arrives. In the same year, Hermann and Bruno founded Trikotwaren Fabrik Gebrüder Hering, recreation of Gebrüder Hering, of 1860, a company they had in Germany.
  • 1882

    T-shirts sewn by Johanna and Nanny, daughters of Hermann Hering, win silver medal in an industrial exhibition in Rio Grande do Sul It is the harbinger of the quality of the company's products. The second and third looms are acquired and hired the first labor.
  • 1889

    With the proclamation of the Republic, the Herings, after deciding to continue in Brazil, were naturalized Brazilians.
  • 1897

    The Hering brothers conclude the transfer of the company to Vale do Bom Retiro, a change that started four years earlier.
  • 1905

    Acquisition of an area adjacent to the factory for environmental preservation. Efforts recognized: Bruno Hering is granted in 1906 the title of Pioneer in Reforestation in Brazil.
  • 1914

    The company already has 2600 spindles, 10 espuliarias, 90 looms and 100 sewing machines. A building was built for the spinning sector which received new machines and assured that the production would not depend on the export of threads, which in this period was reduced by the 1st World War.
  • 1915

    Hermann Hering dies.
  • 1918

    Bruno Hering dies and the second generation of the family takes the helm of the company.
  • 1929

    On August 14th Confecção Encano in the City of Indaial (SC) starts its activities. Hering & Cia., so named since 1915, becomes Companhia Hering.
  • 1935

    Created Hermann Hering foundation, which allowed to aid many collaborators and maintenance of workers' village.
  • 1941

    Social assistance has always been a goal of the company: mess room (1941), introduction of group life insurance (1943), creation of consumption cooperative (1944), daycare Hedy Hering and outpatient (1945) and Credit Cooperative (1951). The company changes its name to Indústria Têxtil Companhia Hering.
  • 1964

    The company now is publicly held and the exports begin. Sports Association - AD Hering is founded.
  • 1966

    Several companies from Blumenau get together to incorporate Tecanor - Têxtil Catarinense do Nordeste. Since 1972 Hering is the controlling shareholder.
  • 1967

    Phase of major expansion, a program of reorganization, modernization and expansion transforms the company into the largest mesh plant in Latin America.
  • 1969

    In conjunction with other textile companies, Hering participates in the creation of Cetyl - Centro Eletrônico da Indústria Têxtil.
  • 1972

    The company creates its first CPD - Data Processing Center, one of the most important of Santa Catarina. It acquires its first computer in the same year, which allowed greater modernization of production.
  • 1973

    Factory Itororó - SC, one of the most automated factories in the country, begins its operation.
  • 1974

    Confecção Rodeo - SC begins operation.
  • 1979

    PUC brand is produced. Cheerful, relaxed and colorful clothes please the child audience throughout Brazil.
  • 1980

    Textile industry Companhia Hering changes its name to Cia. Hering, reaches maximum production capacity and celebrates its 100th anniversary
  • 1985

    Merger of Mafisa - Malharia Blumenau S.A. Hering Têxtil S.A. is incorporated.
  • 1990

    The wastewater treatment plant in Itororó Unit is enhanced and expanded, reaching the capacity of treating also bleaching effluent.
  • 1992

    Businessman Ingo Hering dies. He dies on August 23 at age 85 and leaves a beautiful example of an entrepreneur, administrator and humanist. Child store Hering Kids is launched.
  • 1993

    The Mall Via Parque in Rio de Janeiro, receives the pilot store Hering Family Store.
  • 1994

    The SAC - Customer Service comes into operation.
  • 1995

    Hering-becomes the first partner of IBCC - Brazilian Institute for Cancer Control, supporting The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. EMS - Environmental Management System is implemented.
  • 1997

    It reaches the milestone of five billion T-shirts sold. The volume corresponded to an average of 30 garments for each Brazilian at that time. The plant in the city of Anápolis - GO goes into operation.
  • 1998

    The first franchise of the child brand PUC is opened. The brand dzarm is marketed. It is opening the first store in the new concept Hering Store.
  • 1999

    Beginning of IMS (Integrated Management System), which unifies the systems in the areas of quality, safety and environment. Hering Têxtil S.A. changes its corporate name and is now called Cia. Hering.
  • 2000

    Cia. Hering celebrates 120 years. It starts its operations in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.
  • 2002

    The company reduces the number of brands and focuses on four of them: Hering, PUC, dzarm and Hering Kids. Cia. Hering receives in New York, the award of CFDA - Council of Fashion Designers of America. It is an international recognition for support to campaign Fashion Targets Breast Cancer , which reaches five million shirts sold, contributing to the free treatment of 800 000 women.
  • 2004

    Launch of card Hering Store.
  • 2005

    Hering is renewed on its 125 years and joins as a partner and co-founder of SCMC - Santa Catarina Moda Contemporânea Project. A partnership for training of convicted begins. Hering brand launches campaign Hering Fashion Show with the slogan "The Basic is Fashion!".
  • 2006

    The first Hering Store with a new architectural design, flagship model, is opened at Morumbi Shopping in São Paulo.
  • 2007

    The common shares of Cia. Hering are traded at Novo Mercado under code HGTX3.
  • 2008

    The 200th Hering Store is opened in Curitiba (PR).
  • 2009

    A new architectural design for PUC stores is implemented. Cia. Hering receives the award Modern Consumer for the fifth time. The award values transparency of company actions with the customer.
  • 2010

    Cia. Hering is elected as the Company of the Year by the annual Best and Biggest of magazine Exame, Brazil's leading publication in the field of economics and business. Cia. Hering performs various actions celebrating its 130 anniversary. Hering Museum is opened.
  • 2012

    Inaugurada a franquia Hering Store de número 500, em São Carlos - SP.
  • 2013

    The Hering brand fanpage on Facebook reaches more than 1 million fans.

Last update: May 5, 2021