Executive Board

Board of Executive Officers

The Executive Board consists of at least four and no more than nine executive officers, who may or may not be shareholders, residing in Brazil. One of the officers is designated as the chief executive officer, while another is the deputy chief executive officer. The chief executive officer, the deputy chief executive officer and up to seven other executive officers are elected by the board of directors and may hold overlapping positions. The Board is currently composed of the following members:

Name Position Election Date
Thiago Hering Chief Executive Officer 04/29/2021

Bachelor of Laws from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He served as a lawyer at the Machado Meyer office. In the administration area, he has worked in the retail sector for more than 15 years, as director of franchise operations for the Hering brand, before assuming the role of Director of Brands in 2018, and, subsequently, Executive Director of Operations, a position he held since 2019 being responsible for the management of the Company’s brands and channels.

Marciel Eder Costa Chief Administrative Officer 04/29/2021

Accountant and lawyer, he holds a MBA in Business Management – FGV, Specialist in Tax Law – FURB and MBA in Management – Baldwin Walace University – USA. He started his career at Cia. Hering in 1993, working in the Accounting, Controlling, Tax Management, Auditing and Institutional Relations areas, in the latter representing the Company in several government forums and representative class entities, such as ABVTEX, CARF and FIESC, and also has a role in the Sustainable Fashion Committee and in the Board of Directors of local retail companies.

Gabriel Silva Lobo Leite Chief Financial Officer and IR Officer 10/04/2021

Working at Grupo Soma since 2017, Gabriel Lobo is the Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer. Before assuming the position, Gabriel served as the Group’s Head of Finance and M&A, leading important projects such as the company’s IPO, conducting projects to acquire 3 brands and restructuring the Company’s debt, with the 1st issue of Debentures 476. Before joining Grupo Soma, Gabriel worked for 5 years at BHG Brazil Hospitality Group, a company created by GP Investimentos and acquired by GTIS Partners, where he served as Finance and M&A manager, leading important projects of the company. Previously, he also worked at Som Livre, a Grupo Globo company, and at Inbrands, where he began his career. Gabriel has a degree in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Rodrigo Cardozo Martins Director 10/04/2021

Graduated in Accounting from Faculdade Moraes Júnior, MBA in Accounting and Auditing from UFF; Leadership and Business Academy by Harvard Business School (in house). Professional with over 20 years of experience in accounting, tax and controls. Responsible for Controlling at Grupo SOMA since 2017 and elected statutory director in May 2021. In the previous 10 years, he served in the positions of Coordinator, Manager and, later, Controller at Lojas Americanas S.A.

Galeno Jung Executive Director of Digital Strategy, New Businesses and Innovation -

Graduated in Control and Automation Engineering at UFSC, with a specialization in finance from Insper and an MBA in strategy and marketing from INSEAD, he has a consolidated career as a strategy, innovation, marketing and digital executive. With 17 years of career, he has led areas and projects on a number of topics, such as M&A, increasing efficiency, business development, new business, growth, business and market intelligence, CRM, digital strategy, among others . His experiences include prominent positions and leadership in companies such as Itaú-Unibanco, Whirpool, BCG, Grupo Fleury, T4F and Cia Hering. In addition, he is a T4F advisor responsible for the strategy committee, acts as a mentor for impact startups in Quintessa and as an angel investor for startups like Liva, Swap and Musa. At Cia. Hering since September 2020, Galeno holds the Strategy, Technology and Innovation Directorate, being responsible for designing the company’s strategy, as well as its digital transformation and innovation projects.

Carolina Pires Executive Director of Operations -

An engineer with a specialization in Business Management from FGV and Franchise Management from FIA, Carolina Pires became part of the Cia. Hering team since December 2020, after accumulating more than 15 years of experience in strategic leadership positions in companies such as Walmart , Embraer and Lupo SA, operating in the areas of operations and commercial management. At Cia. Hering, she assumes the Operations Directorate with the mission of exploring the company’s greatest potential in the sales and operations channels in general. Thus, reaching the customer wherever he is, in the different regions of the country and by different business models.

Filipe Albuquerque New Business Director -

With a BA in Social Communication from FAAP, with a specialization in Neurosciences applied to Consumption by ESPM, Filipe began his career in product development and migrated to the commercial sector. After almost 10 years of experience at C&A, he joined the Cia. Hering team in March 2020, in the position of Director of Consumer and New Retail. In this chair, he is responsible for the areas of Omnicommerce, Store Design, and Consumer Experience, with the important role of accelerating the integration between channels and offering the best customer experience in a digital journey.

Marcus Yamamoto Supply Chain Director -

With a BA in Business Administration from Mackenzie, with specializations in Marketing from ESPM and Strategy and Business Development from Insper, Marcus has 17 years of experience and a history of more than 7 years with Cia. Hering. During this time he was at the head of the Dzarm brand and in the structuring of the Omnicommerce channel. Before joining Cia., He worked at companies such as P & G, Novartis, Natura and Belcorp, and at Cia. He has worked in the areas of Branding Strategy, Sales Planning, Marketing and Business Intelligence. Since December 2020, he heads the Supply Chain Department, unlocking the logistics and distribution challenges, aiming to increase the speed and efficiency of the services offered by Cia. Hering.

Fabiola Guimarães Hering Brand Director -

With a BA in Business Administration from FAAP, with specializations in Fashion Marketing from IED Barcelona and Consumer Behavior from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Fabiola built her career moving through the worlds of fashion brands and branding and business strategy consultancy. In more than 18 years working in retail, she has worked at Arezzo & Co and Lojas Renner SA Combining refined management with creative vision, she took over at Cia. Hering, in April 2020, the position of Brand Director, ahead of Hering, Hering Kids and Dzarm. Valuing the connection with the public, Fabiola takes on the task of strengthening already consolidated brands of Cia. Hering and building the positioning of new brands.

Renata Del Bove People, Management and ESG Director -

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with specializations in Administration from FIA and FGV, Renata began her career 20 years ago in Human Resources and has worked in areas such as Organizational Development, Internal Consulting, Training and Development, Diversity and Social Responsibility. She has taken leadership roles at companies such as Citibank, Bank of America Merril Lynch and Kroton. And, currently at Cia. Hering, she is the Director of People, Culture and Sustainability with the mission of caring for people, consolidating culture and exercising sustainability as a business strategy based on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Government) .

Last update: December 3, 2021